EP Review: Shelikes Crocodiles – Escher’s Anatomy (Self Released)

Shelikes Crocodiles is an experimental music band which aims to explore and blend an assortment of electronic music styles with extreme undertones related to Metalcore and Hardcore, besides other diverse genres such as Rap, Trap or Punk.

Their debut EP ‘Escher´s Anatomy’ is out now.

Crocodiles 2

The amount of variety in rock and metal nowadays is simply startling with more and more bands pushing the envelope of what can be done. That’s exactly what Shelikes Crocodiles do with Escher’s Anatomy. A five-track EP that pushes the envelope by being neither one thing or the other.

What we have here is a crazy level of inventiveness that will leave many a person feeling befuddled. Enlightenment that glows from the electronica mixed with metalcore, the fusion of heavy with soft and every wacky thing in between. It’s almost too much to fully grasp but certainly never goes too far. Even if it’s not going to be for everyone realistically.

Mind you, they’re missing out as the likes of the title track is simply phenomenal fun with an absolutely impressive level of madness-inducing effects and hyper metalcore. It’s incredibly catchy and the perfect showcase of what Shelikes Crocodiles are capable of.

If it’s something more ‘chill’ that you’re after, well Greenfield has a bit more melody to it and follows a more recognised formula. It’s still mad as hell but it’s a lot…safer.

Personally, I love it. It’s the kind of EP I can see me proudly playing to friends and family and then being confused when they say they don’t like it.


Shelikes Crocodiles – Escher´s Anatomy Full Track Listing:

1. Salty Heart
2. Escher’s Anatomy
3. Greenfield
4. Daydreaming
5. Haine

The EP is available via all major streaming services. Find out more about Shelikes Crocodiles by checking out their Facebook Page, Instagram and YouTube Channel.


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Shelikes Crocodiles - Escher's Anatomy (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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