Horror Short Review: Mannequin (2019)

Having written and directed some great horror shorts in the last couple of years, David Teixeira has become a name we really respect here at Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life. So, it is with much excitement that we settled down to watch his latest work, Mannequin. No, this is not a horror remake of the 1987 romantic comedy although that’s a hell of an idea.

You can read our reviews of his previous work by following the links. His wonderful short, Girls Night and the equally exciting sequel, Girls Night 2. As well as his excellent short, Ouroboros.

What we have here is a body horror and one of David’s most intriguing and mysterious works yet. Collaborating with Lea N’Kaoua again (who he worked with on the excellent Ouroboros), this short will leave you feeling uncomfortable and unhappy.

Mannequin 2

A lot of that comes from how it is shot, utilising a lot of up close angles so we see the suffering of the main character.

What makes her suffer? Well it seems to be a vintage Barbie doll that she has bought for her niece who she will be visiting. For now, it’s the night before and she is staying at a hotel. There she looks to relax taking off a wig, make-up, false eye-lashes etc. This scene makes it clear she is a woman who wants to look less like herself and someone else.

When she wakes though she discovers all that she took off is back on her and no matter how hard she pulls, to the point of making herself bleed, it won’t come off. Just what is happening to her?

Mannequin 3

We won’t spoil the ending as it is deliciously evil.

Proving again that he understands how to chill effectively, David Teixeira takes a stab at a different kind of horror then we’re used to with him and impresses yet again. As does Lea N’Kaoua in the lead role, conveying real terror at her developing situation.

As well as checking out this short on VOD here you can also check out his other shorts, Girls Night on YouTube here, Girls Night 2 here and Ouroboros here.


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Mannequin (2019)
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