EP Review: Kavod – Wheel Of Time (Self Released)

Kavod are three guys with different struggles, different backgrounds, different ages but feel the same necessity to exorcise their daily demons in this way. These demons take form in songs and they exorcise them playing and singing of what they fear, their weaknesses and their fragilities.

The “Wheel Of Time” represents the time they need to defeat those demons, fighting them over and over. It is out now.



Playing a kind of psychedelic with a sprinkling of doom, the trio of Kavod look to throw listeners off balance with their unnerving style. It’s a puzzling listen, drawing you in and demanding you take a much closer look. Something most will want to do.

The cleanliness of the riveting guitars on the opening track Samsara, almost ethereal rhythm and arcane vocals will send tingles throughout the body. It’s weird and perplexing but you’ll want to know more.

Absolution takes a more moodier approach, the low drone of the guitars backed up by chant-like vocals. The heavier side of Kavod, the murkiness grows and grows until it seeps out uncontrollably.

Finally we have Mahatma, the most disturbed and nightmarish track of the three. Hidden in the shadows, we’re subjected to troubled and uneasy psychedelic sounds with our only relief coming from the comforting vocals. A spectacular track.

Wheel of Time is a very interesting listen, showing the many different sides of Kavod and all of it is good.

Kavod 1

Kavod – Wheel of Time Full Track Listing:

1. Samsara
2. Absolution
3. Mahatma

The EP can be picked up over on Bandcamp. Find out more via Facebook and Instagram.

Kavod - Wheel Of Time (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 9/10
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