EP Review: Senzar – Non-Titled (Hostile Media)

From the ashes of Dublin veterans Coldwar, Senzar have emerged, even more enraged and potent as before delving far into philosophies and marrying it with the raw energy of extreme metal.

Vocalist Trevor McLave explains:

“Inspiration behind the name derives out of numerous relating sources. The argument put forward in Ernst Cassirer’s essay on man, where he argues man is a symbolic animal being one. Senzar, as the mystery of the mystery language, whether this be mythological or not, is in my opinion, in itself a measurelessly potent idea for a name. With regards to Coldwar. That was a project with which the line-up varied over the years. It was consistently transforming. The later Coldwar was by all rights something other than what it had started as. Due to dynamics and politics from within the band it transpired the time was right to allow what was manifesting to become something within its own right. Which is exactly what it now is.”

McLave adds, “Not to be pedantic but, it’s not a self-titled release, it’s non-titled. We wanted to take our musical ideas a lot further than we were able to with Coldwar, elements of which were hinted at on Pantheist. Creating atmosphere and soundscapes which hold measureless potency, correlating with the lyrics and retaining raw energy and heaviness was our goal. Regarding the lyrics, I guess there are rudiments of consideration regarding mankind’s position in the greater scheme of the cosmos. Beyond that, it really is something purposely devised as being unfixed, thus open to beholders interpretation.”

The band will release their non-titled debut record, an EP on 20th July 2018 via Hostile Media.

Senzar 2

Breathing fire, Senzar drop the heavy with Non-Titled. A record that brings unbridled raw energy to the fore-front. Senzar’s style of extreme music isn’t about playing as hard & heavy as possible with no direction, far from it.

Not to say that it isn’t filled with all manner of crushing guitars, drums and vocals. On that front Senzar are far from slouches, the record just doesn’t rely on that alone and it’s better for it.

The first time that really becomes obvious is on CII where the level of guitar riffing goes up to mouth-open wide highs.

If you are after the more extreme side of the band then CIII will deliver as the throat-ripping roars attempt to rip faces off. Then suddenly it drops into soft guitar melody and spoken word-like vocals before coming back with even more force!

The deep groove of CIV offset with flashes of intense heaviness, the raging solo of CV and the pure ferociousness of CVI makes sure Non-Titled is going to be on many best of extreme metal playlists this year.

Layered metal, nuanced rhythm and unrelenting brutality makes this a great EP. If you know what’s good for you, make sure you listen to Non-Titled!

Senzar 1

Senzar – Non-Titled Full Track Listing:

1. CI
2. CII
4. CIV
5. CV
6. CVI



You can order the EP via Bandcamp and via Hostile Media here. Find out more/keep up to date by liking their Facebook Page and following them on Twitter.

Senzar - Non-Titled (Hostile Media)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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