Album Review: Six Feet Under – Unburied (Metal Blade Records)

Death metal veterans Six Feet Under have released a new album of previously unreleased material. Out now, the short album is called Unburied and was released via Metal Blade Records. The album features nine tracks from the 2012’s Undead, 2013’s Unborn and 2017’s Torment sessions.

Unburied 2

It’s no big revelation that the 9 tracks that make up Unburied range in quality. There’s a reason these songs were left off the records they were recorded during. Violent Blood Eruption has a real raw edge to it but the crushing extreme style of Six Feet Under shines through making it a short but intense opener.



Midnight in Hell is an improvement with aggressive groove that begs you to bang your head as hard as possible. Then we have Re-Animated, a track that has some decent thrash sensibilities about it and some deep and throaty vocals. As well as the rhythmic noise of Possessed, a track that breathes life into the album just when things seemed to be lost.

They are about the only tracks worth checking out though as the rest are far too plain and uninteresting. Nothing is out-right bad but it’s an album for long time fans only really, the quality is just lacking overall. A nice to have, not a need to have.

Unburied 1

Six Feet Under – Unburied Full Track Listing:

1. Violent Blood Eruption
2. Midnight in Hell
3. Gore Hungry Maniac
4. Re-Animated
5. Intent to Kill
6. The Perverse
7. Possessed
8. As the Dying Scream
9. Skin

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Check it out yourself below via Apple Music and via all major streaming services.

Six Feet Under - Unburied (Metal Blade Records)
  • The Final Score - 5/10
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