EP Review: Praecantator – Arcane Sceptre (MSH Music Group)

Praecantator are a four piece black metal band based in southeast England, that focuses on arcane themes of dark magic and sorcery. Their latest EP entitled Arcane Sceptre was released on April 22nd 2018.

Praecantator 2

When the title track initially gets started you could be forgiven for thinking you’re listening to more of the same old from black metal. A roaring crashing of instruments that isn’t the most thrilling way to start but you’ll quickly come to regret that line of thinking as it is suddenly turns into a huge sounding guitar epic. It’s brief and revisited again later but it certainly wakes you from any malaise you might have been feeling. What sounded run of the mill and ordinary at first is so far from that by time the tempo increases in the latter few minutes. Something that The Summoning continues with furious heaviness backed up by inventive guitar riffing.

After an exhausting two tracks, Macrocosm allows some time to breathe with a short and oppressive effects driven track before In the Winter’s Shadow makes a statement with crushing heaviness that calls to the old side of black metal. The grotesque vocals really stand out here without overshadowing the dark rhythm. It’s a vile sounding track that makes you feel like you’re part of some kind of ancient ritual or event.

Praecantator 1

Praecantator – Arcane Sceptre Full Track Listing:

1. Arcane Sceptre
2. The Summoning…
3. Macrocosm
4. In the Winters Shadow



You can pick up the EP digitally via Bandcamp and a physical copy by MSH Music Group here. Find out more and keep up to date with news by checking out the band’s Facebook Page.

Praecantator - Arcane Sceptre (MSH Music Group)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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