EP Review: Maestitium – Tale of the Endless (Black Lion Records)

From the dark north of Sweden comes the melodic/symphonic death metal act Maestitium — a studio project started by guitarist, vocalist, and composer Elias Westrin (Tomb Dweller, ex Voices of Vengeance) in the fall of 2019. While attending a music production course at Hola Folkhögskola outside of Kramfors, Sweden, Elias was assigned a project of creating an EP, and thus Maestitium was born.

The debut EP, Tale of the Endless is set for worldwide CD & Digital release on February 5th, 2021 via Black Lion Records.

Three tracks and an intro, Tale of the Endless is a surprisingly full EP. Each track being its own individual melodic death metal epic. Rich and pulsating heaviness with thoughtful and memorable melodies. A grand and magical sounding intro, The Undying Travail transitions into a beastly bout of chunky rhythm with Morning Star. A forceful metal beat blended with lifting clean highs and filthy lows. It’s a very strong entry into the world of Maestitium.

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Song of the Freezing Wind is another winding showcase of their intense beauty. Where the chill does come through even if the focus is more on dropping into deep depths of darkness. It’s still a track the feels so grand.

Finally, the title track takes things to the highest and heaviest of levels. The opening salvo of furious drumming, frenzied riffing and spitfire vocals drops into super-soft melody before reverting back into a familiar, but classy death metal groove. It’s got virulence that threatens to spread to every inch of the body.

An awesome release.

Maestitium – Tale of the Endless Full Track Listing:

1. The Undying Travail
2. Morning Star
3. Song of the Freezing Wind
4. Tale of the Endless


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Maestitium - Tale of the Endless (Black Lion Records)
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