EP Review: Owl Maker – Paths Of The Slain (Self Released)

Hard rock trio Owl Maker will release their debut EP ‘Paths Of The Slain’ on March 16th 2018. The album will be released on digital formats and will be followed by a physical album release later in the year.

Owl Maker 2

Ride With Aileen showcases the hard-rocking power that Owl Maker exude. An opener that has all the rhythmic drive of a band hugely confident in their abilities. Simon Tuozzoli of occult metal band Vestal Claret is a real treat on guitar & vocals. His style is sultry, clean & able to demonstrate a wide range.

A range that fits tracks like 99, Freya’s Chariot & Mashiara perfectly siting strongly alongside hard-rock riffs & stimulating bass hooks. Catchy has hell tracks that leave you wanting much more from Owl Maker. The latter of the three’s slower, more groove-orientated edge is a real highlight.

A fast-paced spamming of guitars & drums introduces the heaviest track on the EP, Witches. A track that plays around with a harder metal sound including having harsher vocals thrown it. It’s a fun change of pace, one that impresses by being different.

Paths of the Slain closes out in style with Lady Stoneheart. Rolling drum beats, sexy riffs & fuzzier vocals combine to make it a fantastic finale. Delivering body-moving catchiness alongside head-banging heaviness, the EP is one to remember & Owl Maker one to watch.

Owl Maker 1

Owl Maker – Paths of the Slain Full Track Listing:

1. Ride With Aileen
2. 99
3. Freya’s Chariot
4. Mashiara
5. Witches
6. Lady Stoneheart

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Owl Maker - Paths Of The Slain (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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