Game Review: I, Zombie (Xbox One)

I, Zombie is a simplistic indie game that was published & developed by Awesome Games Studio. Originally appearing on the Xbox 360, it has come to the Xbox One with polished gameplay, graphics and a very easy achievement list. In the game, you take control of a zombie in a variety of levels. Your main objective is to infect everyone on screen, growing your horde in the process. With a price of only £3.19, will I, Zombie prove worthy of the space on your hard drive?

This is going to be quite a short review, there isn’t really much to this game. As I mentioned above, you start each of the 30 levels by controlling a single zombie. There are human enemies that you must infect. Once you have done so to all of the humans, the level is complete. You are then given a star rating based on how many zombies survived. You see, certain enemies have guns. Therefore, you must think tactically at times like when and where is the best time to strike. Most levels can be completed very easily without too many replays if any at all. However, there are one of two that require some thought and timing. Still, the average player should easily attain all stars in every level in a few hours.

I, Zombie has a pleasant visual style. The animation is fun, bright and colourful. The gameplay is fun, everything works as it is supposed to without issue. It’s really simplistic but considering what it is offering, it never attempts to be anything else. I expected things to get a bit more challenging in the later levels but that never truly happens. It seemed to me that I, Zombie strived to be a short, enjoyable experience that you would play between other games and in that regard it succeeds admirably.

Still, if you were to accuse the game of looking like it was better suited on a mobile device rather than a console I couldn’t argue. Quite simply, I, Zombie is far too easy and way too short but at least it’s cheap.

If you want to play something relaxing between all of those other stressful video games then there are worse games out there. Also, it basically gives Gamerscore away so there’s that too.


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I, Zombie
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