Album Review: Babylonfall – Collapse (Inverse Records)

Babylonfall are a a new melodic death metal group from Finland who will release their debut album “Collapse” on April 24th, 2020 via Inverse Records. Lyrical themes of the album deal with “collapsing” on a personal and societal level.

With chunky riffs and some good old fashioned melo-death groove in tow, Babylonfall kick their debut off in style with Murder of Crows. Nice and heavy, it is followed by the thickness of Awakening. A humongous drum beat enough to grab the attention but the introduction of clean singing sees Babylonfall begin to stretch their melodic metal muscles.

Muscles that ripple and flex as the band begin to really come to life with the catchy riffing of Blood Will Be My Crown, the energetic head-banger that is Silence and the ‘balls out’ melodic groove heaviness of We Become One.

It’s not a challenging record and often finds itself working its way down the melo-death checklist unashamedly. However, it’s of such high quality that it’s still very enjoyable. The clarity in the guitars and the powerful vocals just two grand elements that makes Celestials, Stars and Constellations and Wrath great.

It all leads to Distant Call of Innocence though (with the classy precursor of Burning Daylight first). Babylonfall at their most enormous and most epic. Melo-death of the highest standard.

Babylonfall – Collapse Full Track Listing:

1. Murder Of Crows
2. Awakening
3. Blood Will Be My Crown
4. Silence
5. We Become One
6. Celestials
7. Stars And Constellations
8. Wrath
9. Burning Daylight
10. Distant Call Of Innocence




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Babylonfall - Collapse (Inverse Records)
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