EP Review: Ole English – Ole English (Self Released)

When it comes to subverting expectations, Ole English have got it down to a fine art. Even the very name – conjuring images of bards and paladins – clashes against the band’s hometown of Lafayette, Louisiana, and the jigsaw-type lore they build their songs on. It’s with affection that they term their fuzzy, whiskey-soaked brand as ‘Warlock rock’, and the five songs on this self-titled jaunt are as composed as they are well-composed.

Ole English will release on August 23rd 2019.

The riff that introduces Ole English on Paladin is *chef kisses* and when the rest of the instruments kick in, it just gets better. An absolute ass-shaker of groove, this is a hell of a rocking start. Louisiana’s answer to the UK‘s Black Spiders, Ole English make a booze-soaked splash here.

Old Man follows that with an hell of a foot-tapping beat before getting really down and dirty with the guitars. Sleazier and sleazier, it’s exciting and sexy. Heel keeps the good times trucking along with even more upbeat groove and a wild guitar solo at the end. Then Visions of Ghana decides enough of that, have some dirty stoner/sludge instead.

It’s a little different from what we’ve heard before but might be the best track on the album as the riffs move like a glacier and the vocals are on top form. Amazing.

Holy Roller would have to be utter tripe for this EP to score anything below 9/10 and unsurprisingly, it’s not utter tripe. In fact it is, once again, an absolute belter.

Ole English – Ole English Full Track Listing:

1. Paladin
2. Old Man
3. Heel
4. Visions of Ghana
5. Holy Roller




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Ole English - Ole English (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 9.5/10
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