EP Review: Scars of Credence – Bitter Ends (Self Released)

Scars of Credence are a young, five-piece metalcore band based in Stoke-on-Trent in the UK. Looking to build on their impressive single releases to date (Serenity and Asylum), they will finally release their debut EP, Bitter Ends on December 15th 2018.

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To say anticipation has been high for this release following two brilliant singles already is an understatement. Scars of Credence are one of the brightest and most exciting prospects in British metalcore right now and this EP only serves to put the stamp of approval on that statement.

A New Beginning comes firing out of the blocks with an old school drum beat and guitar riff before the tempo increases and the pace is driven to hyper speeds. The vocals are spat out at a staggeringly fast pace and the guitars are eye-wateringly intense. Breaking down for clean singing and chuggy riffing, it’s a hell of a start. An attention grabbing one if their ever was one.

The same intensity mixed with huge riffing is all over Good Friends and Bitter Ends, one that delivers on all fronts. The moment where it slows down, the drums and guitars ringing out like a bell tolling is pretty incredible.

The third and last of the new songs (for us) is Head Above Water, kicking off with a rolling rhythm before the roar of “Let’s go” rings out. A thrilling level of heaviness, the fire in this track is hot enough to melt steel. If there was any concerns that Scars of Credence weren’t going to be able to build on Asylum and Serenity, that is completely gone by time this killer track wraps up.

The last two tracks, Asylum and Serenity are two tracks we’re very familiar with already. You can read our full single reviews below. However as part of this EP, they sit comfortably amongst the other tracks and still have as much impact and power as they had when we heard them earlier on in the year.


Scars of Credence have left it late but on this showing they are certainly making a play for releasing one of the best EPs of 2018. Check this band out!

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Scars of Credence – Bitter Ends Full Track Listing:

1. Head Above the Water
2. Asylum
3. A New Beginning
4. Serenity
5. Good friends and Bitter Ends

Bitter Ends will be available via all major streaming services on release. You can keep up to date with news by checking out Scars of Credence’s Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.  On top of all that, they will be playing the full EP, and other songs, at our headliner on the same day as the EP is released. So go on down to support them and pick up a physical CD!

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Scars of Credence - Bitter Ends (Self Released)
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