Album Review: Piss River – Piss River (The Sign Records)

On the 27th of April 2018, Piss River will release their self-titled debut album via The Sign Records. The album combines a variety of influences and results in a sound that can only be described as a cross between Girlschool, L7, The Gits and Annihilation Time.

Piss River 2

Part punk, part classic metal, part upbeat rock and roll…Piss River combine exciting riffing, kick-ass female vocals and a party vibe.

The rocking Desolation followed by the wicked guitar soloing within Speed Machine starts things off nicely before Police Car slows things down slightly to show of the more rhythmic and melodic side of the band.

Likely to please old-school hard rock fans more than anyone else, Piss River at least sound relevant and modern with their approach. The highlights tend to be when they’re letting their swagger lead them such as on the brilliant Creepy Swine (I get a real Motörhead vibe from this), the punky Thor is Strong and the punchy and blood-pumping groove of You Bleed.

Sofia Nilsson absolutely kills it on vocals showing off a huge range while Björn Bergström on guitar is playing out of his skin. Some of his riffs and solos are mind-boggling (Sparks is so good).

Piss River’s self titled isn’t going to change the world of rock but as a modern addition it more than holds its own. A lot of fun to listen too.

Piss River 1

Piss River – Piss River Full Track Listing:

1. Desolation
2. Speed Machine
3. Police Car
4. Ascona
5. Creepy Swine
6. Take Me To Rusk
7. This Is Your Doom
8. Thor Is Strong
9. You Bleed
10. Back Off
11. Sparks
12. Bad Reputation



You can order the album via The Sign Records here and here. You can stream Piss River’s music via Spotify, Deezer and via Apple Music below. Find out more/keep up to date with news via Facebook.

Piss River - Piss River (The Sign Records)
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