EP Review: Nuclear Winter – Stormscapes (MMD Records)

After only a few short months, Nuclear Winter descends upon us all again. The Zimbabwean one-man outfit is ready to blast the world with Stormscapes, his fourth release. After the collaboration on Night Shift, mastermind Gary Stautmeister decided to strike out on his own and mold these tracks alone, taking on a new twist of an already unique blend of melodic death metal, industrial, and alt-rock.

Stormscapes will be released on July 15th 2020.

One of the more surprising things about Nuclear Winter, if you’re not already aware of what it sounds like, is how much is incorporated into each song. Yes, it is death metal but it has a melodic edge and is grandiose in delivery. It’s quite a unique offering as the industrial elements really offer a lot across the 4 tracks.

From the thrashing rhythm and layered synth of opener Hearts of Stone to the galloping blackness of The Wide Water and the glorifying chills that blow in from The Northern Winds, Nuclear Winter have smashed it. Even before the finale of New York, New York arrives.

Yes, it is a cover of Frank Sinatra’s classic but done in Nuclear Winter’s very unique style. You’ll either love it or hate it but it is fun!

Nuclear Winter – Stormscapes Full Track Listing:

1. Hearts of Stone
2. The Wide Water
3. The Northern Winds
4. New York, New York (Frank Sinatra Cover)




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Nuclear Winter - Stormscapes (MMD Records)
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