EP Review: Noose Rot – The Creeping Unknown (Sentient Ruin)

Minnesota-based primitive death metal aberration Noose Rot will release their debut EP, The Creeping Unknown on February 16th 2018 via Sentient Ruin.

Hailing from Minnesota with members of Gatecreeper, Skeletonwitch, and Wolvhammer. They decided to join forces to birth their own unholy death metal abomination that would worship at the altar of the Finnish and Swedish gods of ancestral death and decay.



Like an expulsion of blood & vomit, Noose Rot deliver gut-wrenching death metal with their 4-track release, The Creeping Unknown. The soundtrack to the end of all things, Mass Grave Interment is crushingly heavy. The drums loud enough for a deaf person to hear & the vocals disgusted enough for even the devil to say ‘steady on, lads’.

There is something so appealing about the level of brutalising noise that Worship the Crypt and the title track bring. They call to the beast & he comes a knocking. The best you can hope to do is cower and beg for forgiveness.

The impressive release ends with one final earth-shattering death metal assault as Bound in a Dark House threatens to destroy your sanity completely.

This is primal, this is raw, this is death metal.

Noose Rot 1

Noose Rot – The Creeping Unknown Full Track Listing:

1. Mass Grave Interment
2. Worship the Crypt
3. The Creeping Unknown
4. Bound in a Dark House

You can order the EP from Sentient Ruin here.

Noose Rot - The Creeping Unknown (Sentient Ruin)
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