Album Review: Coilguns – Millennials (Hummus Records)

On March 23rd 2018 Coilguns will release their new raw & distorted album, Millennials on Hummus Records.

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The band commented, “We have this manic habit of using crazy sounding Wikipedia article titles as track names, just to blur our traces and look smart I guess. It always creates a funny gap in between the song’s lyrical content and its final title. our favorite on this album is clearly “spectrogram”, one can easily guess why.”

The fizzy sound of the guitar alongside the hardcore style vocals showcases early in Anchorite, the wildness & visceral style that Coilguns have proudly on display here. An absolute chaotic wall of noise. Although the punk attitude alongside a modern approach to hardcore is not the easiest thing to get to grips with initially.

Deletionism is an improvement. Still sounding rough as rusted nails, the destructive style is far more appealing. It’s quickly followed by the up-tempo & catchy title track that conjures up images of smashed PAs & bloodied faces.

Trying to describe this album… the word that keeps coming up is ‘chaotic’. It’s a word that really explains just what Coilguns have created here. There is no order & very little structure but amongst the sonic assault are songs that call to the beast inside. Nowhere is that more obvious then on the moody, spacey & extremely unusual Spectrogram, a track that is like nothing heard so far.

It’s no surprise that a bunch of ferocious, fast & heavier tracks follow. Music Circus Clown Dare is short but sweet, Ménière’s alternates between raging torrents of fire & twisting, trippy distortion while Wind Machines for Company tries to tear faces off with its aggression.

Millennials is a puzzle. You can’t help but wonder if you’re listening to a work of genius or the sound of a band with not enough self-control. For every Blackboxing & The Screening, there is a Self Employment Scheme. Songs that should have been left in the jam session.

What it does guarantee though is that this is an album you’ll be listening to multiple times just to get your head around it!

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Coilguns – Millennials Full Track Listing:

1 – Anchorite
2 – Deletionism
3 – Millennials
4 – Spectrogram
5 – Music Circus Clown Care
6 – Ménière’s
7 – Wind Machines For Company
8 – Self Employment Scheme
9 – Blackboxing
10 – The Screening

You can pick up Coilguns’ music via Bandcamp. Find out more about them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and watch some of their videos on YouTube.


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Coilguns - Millennials (Hummus Records)
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