EP Review: All My Sins – Lunar/Solar (Self Released)

Released in January 2017, Lunar/Solar is a 4-track EP from atmospheric black metal band, All My Sins. Mixing the more traditional side of black metal with a modern edge.

Sins 1

Jeka Prve Kiše serves to build the scene, soft guitar melody with an dark & haunting undercurrent. It’s a sweet sounding piece of music, quite the opposite to Pod Mesecom Prastari Hrast which comes screaming out of the gates in a blur of black metal noise.

A furious pace with exciting riffs & an evil overtone, it’s a great song that has doesn’t push the atmospherics too hard. It’s there though, giving the track a lot more rhythm. Pomen Usnulom Suncu looks to change that with its melodic start that quickly bleeds into an insanely heavy beat.

The track that really opens your eyes, it’s unbelievably exciting during the heavy parts but unbelievably excellent during the melodic atmospheric moments. On this song alone, Lunar/Solar proves without a doubt that All My Sins are another of black metal’s bright future.

The final track, Zbogom follows on from the start by being a couple of minutes of just softly played melody alongside some whispered spoken word vocals. It’s a stunning listen, sounding exactly like an outro should. The high pitched whistling & harder strums of the guitar in the closing minute is simply sublime.

An amazing effort, just outstanding work from a seriously talented bunch.

Sins 2

All My Sins – Lunar/Solar Full Track Listing:

1. Jeka Prve Kiše
2. Pod Mesecom Prastari Hrast
3. Pomen Usnulom Suncu
4. Zbogom

Head over to Bandcamp to pick up the EP now. Also head over to Facebook & give All My Sins a like. You can listen to some of their music on MySpace & YouTube.


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All My Sins - Lunar/Solar (Self Released)
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