EP Review: Nine Inch Nails – Add Violence (The Null Corporation)

Nine Inch Nails sure live surprising us with these sudden EP releases. Coming off the back of the well received ‘Not The Actual Events’ EP, Add Violence was released on July 21st 2017 via The Null Corporation.

Add Violence 2

It’s very hard to predict just what you’re going to get with Nine Inch Nails. An eclectic band to say the least, Add Violence is 5 tracks of industrial rock & upbeat electronica. If you’ve never previously been sold on Nine Inch Nails then this EP is unlikely to change that.

Less Than starts things with an upbeat 80’s electronica sound mixed with flashes of rock & wrapped up within the stellar sound of Trent Reznor’s fantastic vocals. It’s different, it’s odd, it’s unsettling, it’s catchy & it’s so Nine Inch Nails.

Following that, the moody beat of The Lovers really struggles to capture the imagination. The effects are off kilter & the whispered spoken word vocals do little to excite.

The haunting vibe & keyboard melody of This isn’t the Place improves things building nicely to some emotive wavering vocals. While Not Anymore goes for a unsettling fuzzy sound with brief explosive moments of hard rock. These moments are absolutely brilliant, a showcase of the unmistakable talent that exists in NIN.

That recognisable talent is the reason they can get away with a near 12 minute final track. Yes, The Background World is 11 minutes & 44 seconds long!

It’s a strange one, basically devolving as the track goes on. Starting off crystal clear with a simple beat & melody before slowly adding fuzziness, feedback & distortion until it’s all you can hear. One part utter rubbish & one part utter genius, it really is something you have to hear & make up your own mind about.

Add Violence 1

Nine Inch Nails – Add Violence Full Track Listing:

1. Less Than
2. The Lovers
3. This isn’t the Place
4. Not Anymore
5. The Background World

Add Violence is out now & can be bought/listened too via all major streaming services including Apple Music below.

Nine Inch Nails - Add Violence (The Null Corporation)
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