EP Review: Nervcast – Two Weeks Notice (Self Released)

Nervcast, which features Everett Mason on guitar and vocals, Kevin Daliri on guitar, Galen Weir on Bass, and Matthew Humphreys on drums, is a hard rock band based out of Toronto Canada. Formed in 2017, the band debuted their four song EP “Locked And Loaded” in October 2018. You can read our review of the EP here.

After a year and a half of writing new material and playing lots of live shows, including the Toronto Heavy Metal boat cruise, opening for the Killer Dwarfs, and opening for Warrior Soul, Nervcast has just released a follow-up EP entitled “Two Weeks Notice.”

Nervcast 2

Continuing the good work from the previous EP, Two Weeks Notice is another banger of an EP from Nervcast. A riff machine, the deep and brooding Falling Again gets the neck muscles working overtime from the very start. The chunkiest of beats, the old-school thrashy vocals and even a speeding guitar solo makes this easily one of the best Nervcast tracks heard so far.

Two Weeks then brings the groove and Fighting Dirty has some really nice melody amongst the bass that thrums throughout the body. The latter, when it kicks in, is head-banging gold.

The EP then wraps up with Lie Here Awake, a lighters out rock ballad that caps off a fantastic release from a fantastic band. If you’ve not already checked out Nervcast, now is the time.

Nervcast 1

Nervcast – Two Weeks Notice Full Track Listing:

1. Falling Again
2. Two Weeks
3. Fighting Dirty
4. Lie Here Awake



The EP can be picked up over on Bandcamp. Find out much more about Nervcast on Facebook & Twitter. You can also listen to some of their music on ReverbNation & YouTube.

Nervcast - Two Weeks Notice (Self Released)
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