EP Review: Camilla Brings The Rain – E​.​G​.​O​.​logical (Dianthus Records/Holler Productions)

Released on November 2nd, 2023, via Dianthus Records/Holler Productions, ‘E.G.O.logical’ is the debut EP of mysterious alternative/groove metal outfit, Camilla Brings The Rain.



A three-track EP that tells you a hell of a lot about Camilla Brings The Rain, while also telling you very little, outside of their different sound. Different because it has recognisable elements of groove metal, but covers it in eerie atmosphere, injects alternative metal melodies, and uses distortion on the vocals. Something that almost gives it an industrialised sound, even if it comes from the heavier side of that world.

That being said, it’s unmistakably a metal release, and Camilla Brings The Rain go to great effort to make sure this EP leaves an impact. It’s ten minutes of emphatic noise, helped by a roughness that makes things sound even more ugly, while speaking on societal issues and the power of mass media.

Over and done in around ten minutes, it certainly leaves you wanting much more, which is never a bad thing.

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Camilla Brings The Rain – E.G.O.logical Track Listing:

1. Discipline Of Asshole
2. Gifts And Wounds
3. EGOlogical




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Camilla Brings The Rain - E​.​G​.​O​.​logical (Dianthus Records/Holler Productions)
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