EP Review: Milk Teeth – Be Nice (Roadrunner Records)

Being hailed as one of the next big things within the pop-rock/punk world, Milk Teeth’s popularity is going from strength to strength. This EP is their debut on a major label. As if that still means anything.

Milk Teeth 1

If you’re new to Milk Teeth then opening track, Owning Your Okayness will likely see you make up your mind in an instant. As pop-rocky/punky as they come, its upbeat riffs & peppy chorus seems ripped from a certain early noughties era. With the only real difference between Milk Teeth & the likes of Good Charlotte or Sum 41 is that Milk Teeth have a bit more fire in the hooks.

The vocals of singer, Becky Blomfield are great. She can absolutely sing but it’s a little too familiar sounding. Even if it’s not easy to quite put your finger on just who she sounds like.

Prism’s throbbing bass lines & soft melody doesn’t exactly excite but Fight Skirt showcases just why Milk Teeth are such a beloved band. Letting the energy out, the punk style gives it a real edge & the bouncy sing-along chorus sounds great!

It’s a pity then that Be Nice ends things on such a flat note. It’s a sweet & emotive ballad that initially lacks impact. Then, completely unexpectedly it explodes into a really heavy beat. This part of the song is pretty decent but it’s bookended by overly sugary sweetness that doesn’t inspire.

Milk Teeth 2

Milk Teeth – Be Nice Full Track Listing:

1. Owning Your Okayness
2. Prism
3. Fight Skirt
4. Hibernate

Be Nice is out now & can be bought/streamed from all major services & shops, including Apple Music where you can preview songs below. You can keep up to date with all Milk Teeth related news by liking them on Facebook & following them on Twitter.


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Milk Teeth - Be Nice (Roadrunner Records)
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