EP Review: Mighty Magic Animal – Shucks (Self Released)

Mighty Magic Animal are a garage rock duo from Salisbury who formed from the ashes of several bands stretching back from 1999. Distilling elements of punk, rock, grunge and blues riffs to their core elements, combined with foot stomping, head nodding beats and irreverent lyrics.

Following up their great debut EP ‘Guts’, the duo has now released a brand new EP entitled ‘Shucks’.

The fuzzy garage rockers are back to make some noise, a hell of a lot of noise with the 4 tracks of Shucks. Coarse and raw, the impertinent attitude really nails the punkish-ness of Mighty Magic Animal.

It’s a tasty slice of feedback laden and distorted guitars complimented by clean vocals that have just a bit of snark about them. Whereas Guts was a bit messy (although very appealing), here things seem a lot more ordered even if it can be quite chaotic still. There’s some growth here.

Mighty Magic Animal – Shucks Full Track Listing:

1. Shucks
2. Teeth
3. Strike Me Down/Mudslide
4. Rust




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Mighty Magic Animal – Shucks (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8.5/10
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