Album Review: Shadowflag – In Asylum Requiem (Clobber Records)

Shadowflag have always stalked the hinterlands of black metal, striding with gritted teeth into the face of the storm. From the grand ambition of their self-titled debut to the cold terror of 2017s The Delusion Machine, Shadowflag have proven themselves to be a band without limitations, a band that stands alone. After three years of labour they are now ready to present their latest beast, carved from the essence of insanity, In Asylum Requiem.

On June 19th 2020 Clobber Records will open the floodgates and release the cold, deep waters of In Asylum Requiem to drown the world in dreams of madness.

Like all the best black metal, Shadowflag exude cold and harsh scorn on their new album. The equivalent of being woken from a fitful slumber by a bucket of icy water only to be then dragged out by your heels and thrown into a dark and frozen night-time forest.

6 tracks of epic darkness and savage black metal heaviness, while it has a freshness (thanks to great production) there is plenty for old-school fans to enjoy here. It’s beastly, it’s evil, it’s bitter but most of all it is so very appealing.

The agonising intensity of the riffs, the bone-crunching drums, the deep rivet of bass and the fury of the demonic vocals. Shadowflag are bright spark in the cold gloominess of the black metal scene. Follow the light, even if it drops you into a freezing cold pit where there is no escape.

Shadowflag – Asylum Requiem Full Track Listing:

1. Lest The Night Be Thorned
2. In Asylum Requiem
3. One Beast One God
4. From Agony To Cold
5. Nameless Realm Eternal
6. To The Earth, To The Corpse, To The Seas


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Shadowflag - In Asylum Requiem (Clobber Records)
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