EP Review: Lost Relics – Now We’re Even (Coffin & Bolt Records)

Denver dirt rockers Lost Relics are back with their first official release, the 5-track EP ‘Now We’re Even’ will be released via Coffin & Bolt Records / Golden Robot Records on April 30th, 2021.

A hell of a capable band when it comes to getting movement out of a listener, Lost Relics are a hidden gem in the heavy metal world. This 5-track EP is all kinds of punchy, grubby and groovy head- banging class. Unrealistic Cause setting the bar but Hungry Noses & Lying Voices plowing straight through it. The meatiness of the riffs in the latter is what does the job.

Rope Pusher’s varied tempos, from animated rhythm to slower and dirtier fits of head-banging, it is another kick ass offering. The vocals in particular are on point here. The gruff scowls, filled with venom but not scathing and rough.

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With even more energy to their riffs and a continuation of their pummelling heaviness, Lost Relics don’t let the quality drop. Now We’re Even is another easy to fall in love with track. Before the excellent Low Life ‘n Ugly People has the unit going big. Really bloody big.

The excitement builds with an eerie guitar tone and methodical drum beat. The payoff of thick and meaty noise comes sooner than expected but no-one will care, it’s too damn infectious to not enjoy.

5 tracks. 5 bangers. Simple.

Lost Relics – Now We’re Even Full Track Listing:

1. Unrealistic Cause
2. Hungry Noses & Lying Voices
3. Rope Pusher
4. Now We’re Even
5. Low Life ‘n Ugly People


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Lost Relics - Now We're Even (Coffin & Bolt Records)
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