Horror Short Review: Jack (2020)

Lacking originality, Jack is a 5-minute horror short that has two things going for it. Two things that make it an effectively creepy horror.

Stop me if you’ve heard this this one before…

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A young woman is home alone at night. As she is relaxing and watching TV, she hears some noises and goes to investigate. She sees what looks like someone running past the window outside so goes around the house locking all the doors and windows. Seriously, everything was unlocked.

However, she’s too late as we see the shadowy figure of someone or something standing in the corner.

Feeling safer, she shares a text message with her mother before heading to bed. It’s there she hears the patter of footsteps and the light in the hall goes off. She dives under the covers… after all, monsters won’t get us if we’re under the covers, right?

Two things going for it.

The first is the lack of music. A quiet environment actually adds to the creep factor here. The second is the ‘monster’ which has a pretty disturbing look about it. It’s just a shame that it comes at the end when all you’ll be thinking is how similar it feels to Lights Out.

Considering it’s only 5 minutes long and does create decent atmosphere, Jack is a horror short worth watching. You won’t find anything fresh here but you might find the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Check it out below.

Jack (2020)
  • The Final Score - 6/10
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