EP Review: Kilonova – Omnicide (Self Released)

Bursting out of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Kilonova spit out an incendiary, thrash-tinged sound combining the Bay-Area intensity with a tectonic modern groove. The North East riff warriors were only born in 2018 but their second live appearance occurred at Bloodstock Open Air Metal 2 The Masses. The band flourished throughout the whole competition and were selected to perform at Bloodstock 2018.

Omnicide 2

Throughout the start of 2019, the band supported Finnish upstarts Lost Society, vigorously sharpened their set, and completed work on their first record, Omnicide. Bassist, Joe Bambrick remarks about the EP:

Omnicide is a mission statement for Kilonova. It’s a dark, raucous picture of who we are as artists. Going into the recording process we wanted the sound to be as true to our live energy as possible, and I think that really comes through. It’s a dirty, chaotic sound that grabs you by the throat and forces you to pay attention.

Now, the riff-slingers Kilonova are unleashing their enticing EP, Omnicide, through all digital outlets on Friday 12th July 2019.

Blasting out a hefty thrash metal sound, Kilonova do not mess around on their new EP. Something that we’re all the better for! After a short intro with Descent, the aptly titled Straight to Hell comes along with force. The opening salvo of drums and guitars offering scant preparation for the punchy modern groove and furious vocals that follows.

A head-banger if there ever was one. Hang the Hangman is more of the same in your face thrashiness but with even more intensity in the riffs. Then Own Enemy leans towards a more rock-orientated sound with a little bit of clean singing although not lacking savage moments too. Before Blood in the Water shows off more of Kilonova’s range than anything else does.

How? It’s almost double the length of the other longest track and has a fair bit more going on. It takes its time too, with a slower building intro then switching between clean singing and raw throat-scrapping screeches and screams while the rhythm keeps switching tempos along with the vocals. A hefty effort culminates in a brilliant guitar performance. What a track this is.

How does Kilonova follow that and wrap up their excellent EP? Balls to the wall speeding riffs and an ear-bursting solo with Ivory Tower. A real contender for the best EP of 2019.

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Kilonova – Omnicide Full Track Listing:

1. Descent
2. Straight to Hell
3. Hang the Hangman
4. Own Enemy
5. Blood in the Water
6. Ivory Tower


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Kilonova - Omnicide (Self Released)
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