Band Interview: Words That Burn

Hailing from Dundalk, Ireland, Words That Burn have been fusing elements of melodic metal, and alternative rock that are loaded with crushing riffs and soaring choruses as far back as 2010. Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life are pleased to bring you an interview with the Irish metallers now.

You can read our review of their new album Pyres here or watch our video review below.

1. It’s been a hell of a 2019 so far for you. How are you holding up?

We’re doing good thanks. We’ve just finished the first leg of our album launch tour around Ireland and its going great!! Better than expected if I’m honest.

2. It’s been over a month since the release of the new album, Pyres. How have you found the reception to it? Happy?

Absolutely buzzing. It’s been a crazy few weeks. The reaction to both the album and our live shows has been fantastic.

3. You independently released Pyres. Was this a choice and if so, why?

There was a number of reason but the main one is that we wanted to be more hands on with everything. You gotta know the back end of the business and the only way learn all of that is to have full ownership of your product.

4. You’ve achieved momentous success, especially in your home country. Considering Ireland isn’t exactly known for its metal, why is that, do you think?

Thank you. Yeah this is the second album we’ve released and the second album to go to number 1in the itunes rock, metal & mainstream charts! So we’re super happy with that. Ireland isn’t known for its metal…….yet. (we’re clearly not talking about Therapy? Or Thin Lizzy here LOL)

I think that will change dramatically for two reasons – 1) We have some of the most dedicated metal fans in the world here. And over the last few years the scene here has grown substantially. The bands over here support each other like I’ve never seen and that encourages new and established bands to raise the bar!! 2) There are a number of bands here that are well established (Dead Label, Bailer, Ten Ton Slug) who are fucking killing it at the minute here and overseas. I think heads will start to turn towards our wee island in the coming years.



5. You’ve been out and about with some big names in recently. Beartooth, Alien Weaponry…to name a few. Any particular highlights?

Jesus, they were both were absolutely amazing shows. What a way to kick off an album launch. For us, the best part of playing these shows was our own shows were turbocharged band wise and crowd wise. The energy in our shows of late has been something we’ve not experienced before. A wee switch went off in us and we’ve just become addicted to that buzz.

6. As a band who has existed pretty much throughout the rise of the digital age, would you say streaming/YouTube etc has helped or hindered you?

To get people to listen to you, you have to be present online and making as much noise as possible – particularly for young, up & coming bands. For every genre, the likes of you tube and spotify are saturated with artists trying to stand out & be noticed and to a certain extent these digital platforms are great tools for that. But they are only one part of the puzzle. Bands need to get out there and gig like fuck. People will check you out online which is awesome, but live is where you win them over.

7. What do Words That Burn do to relax/when they’re not making music?

We all do different things. Spending time with our partners and families, watching movies, socialising, working day jobs. All the non rock and roll stuff lol.

8. What does the rest of 2019 look like for the band?

We’re gonna book a few more shows and play out the year here in Ireland. Our main focus is 2020. Our priority is to book as many UK/European shows & festivals as we can and fucking go for it like we’ve never done before!


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