EP Review: Hoof Glove – Hoof Glove (Don’t Drone Alone)

Out on April 5th 2018 via Leeds based label Don’t Drone Alone is the self titled release of ‘skronk’ band, Hoof Glove. Comprised from different corners of Leeds’ rock scene (feat. members of Hex, Cattle, Thank, Ona Snop, Groak, Famine, The Afternoon Gentlemen), their debut is noisy escapism.

Hoof Glove 1

Let’s get this clear straight away…Hoof Glove are a seriously acquired taste. Their style of music can best be called…manic. It’s noisy and obnoxious sounding but the untamed and wildness of it is surprisingly addictive. Considering the sources (we’ve reviewed Cattle’s work before here) that shouldn’t be a surprise but it’s an EP that is best approached with the most open mind possible.

Freakish effects, vocals that are near indescribable and a constant abusive tempo all with an metal undercurrent that is raw & punkish.

Things actually settle down around the middle with The Granulated Sea and Give Me Back My Pet beginning to make more sense. Either that or the dribbling remains of your brain has tuned into the Hoof Glove frequency.

Trying to describe Hoof Glove is no easy task and this is a release that is best checked out to really understand just what they’re about. Those who enjoy chaos will find plenty to enjoy here & it’s a fascinating listen.

Hoof Glove – Hoof Glove Full Track Listing:

1. Incandescent Drupes
2. Omni Bulb
3. The Granulated Sea
4. Give Me Back My Pet
5. Marsupialia
6. Fugacious



You can order the EP digitally via Bandcamp and a cassette version here.

Hoof Glove - Hoof Glove (Don't Drone Alone)
  • The Final Score - 7.5/10
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