Album Review: Stygian Crown – Funeral For A King (Cruz Del Sur Music)

Los Angeles epic doom crew Stygian Crown returns with their long-awaited sophomore album, ‘Funeral for A King’, out on February 23rd 2024, via Cruz Del Sur Music.

Way back in 2020 we admired Stygian Crown for being a bleak and cold example of doom. One that left an impact, even if it was a drawn-out experience. Now, they return even colder, even bleaker, and even more epic sounding. Funeral for A King is a step-forward in many ways, but none more obvious than the grandeur the record has overall.

Evident by the heavy instrumentation and subtle choral voices that introduce the title track. Immediately this album sounds big, and while this might be a shortish start, it doesn’t leave you wanting. Especially as it is just an amuse-bouche.

Something much heartier comes next in the form of the racing pace of Bushido, a track that showcases the powerful vocals that make so much of this album soar. A track with a classic heavy metal vibe, it’s around the halfway point though that Stygian Crown change the tone momentarily to really let the doom flow. Unlike Scourge of The Seven Hills, which is unashamedly doomy, with layers of sinister atmosphere. Don’t ever question Stygian Crown’s doom credentials when they have tracks like this in their arsenal.

Things get a little more experimental with Let Thy Snares Be Planted, Stygian Crown bringing orchestral elements forward, for a strikingly cinematic piece of music. What’s particularly odd about this, is the fact that it’s barely a minute long.

It also has no bearing on what follows, as with The Bargain, Stygian Crown dig into even darker depths and pull out an absolute tome of hellacious heaviness. Then Where the Candle Always Burns lights a groovier fire under things, Blood Red Eyes brings some strong gothic melodies with just a piano and violin, and Beauty and Terror slams with all the force of tectonic plates crashing into each other. Stygian Crown have well and truly proved that they have become such a stronger and more creative unit since their debut release.

That’s before the finale of Strait of Messina is even considered too. A closing track that shouldn’t be ignored in the slightest as it encapsulates the epic doom sound of Stygian Crown perfectly.

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Stygian Crown – Funeral for A King Track Listing:

1. Funeral for A King
2. Bushido
3. Scourge of The Seven Hills
4. Let Thy Snares Be Planted
5. The Bargain
6. Where the Candle Always Burns
7. Blood Red Eyes
8. Beauty and Terror
9. Strait of Messina


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Stygian Crown - Funeral For A King (Cruz Del Sur Music)
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