EP Review: Hail The Hatter – Discovering Light (Self Released)

Hailing from Trinidad, hard rock and roll band, Hail the Hatter have released their latest EP entitled, Discovering Light. Check out our interview with them here.

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Fun. Lots of fun with bundles of rock and roll grit. That’s what Hail the Hatter deliver here with Discovering Light. Banging tunes with just the slightest bit of menace and a hefty dollop of positivity.

Bone the Grin will leave you with a silly smile plastered over your face while God Bless the Beast shows off a tighter rhythm. The latter really lets the guitar riffs fly, an absolutely screeching piece of rock and roll.

The tone shifts a bit for a sleazier sounding groove with A.O.A.U. (Shalini’s Song) before White Walls delivers a throbbing effort that shakes the very earth you stand upon. A real showcase of what Hail the Hatter have in them.

Effortlessly, they round things up with nicely with the mysterious sounding, Akasha. A track that has some middle eastern influences before the lengthy title track puts the final stamp down confirming that Hail the Hatter might just be your new favourite hard rock band.

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Hail the Hatter – Discovering Light Full Track Listing:

1. The Coming of the Hatter
2. Bone Grin
3. God Bless the Beast
4. A.O.A.U. (Shalini’s Song)
5. White Walls
6. Akasha
7. Discovering Light

You can pick up the EP for free over on their website as well as find out much more about them. Support them by liking their Facebook Page, following them on Twitter & Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube channel. You can also listen via Apple Music below.


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Hail The Hatter - Discovering Light (Self Released)
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