EP Review – Get Your Fight On by Suicidal Tendencies (Suicidal Records)

Get Your Fight On is the name of the newest release by long running American crossover thrash band, Suicidal Tendencies. Get Your Fight On was released on the 9th of March via the band’s own Suicidal Records.

They formed way back in 1980 in California by the only remaining original member, vocalist Mike Muir (Cyco Miko). A couple hiatus’ along the way and a pretty heft amount of member changes stifled the band a bit in the early days. They currently have around 35 people listed as having been in the band at some point with a few household names in there too. Robert Trujillo, currently Metallica’s bassist, spent a good few years with them and Avenged Sevenfold’s drummer, Brooks Wackerman, was also in the band for 2000’s release, Free Your Soul and Save Your Mind.

Fight On

Now, 38 years after officially starting they have released a huge 12 full length albums, 4 compilations and 2 EPs. Including Get Your Fight On. Joining Mike Muir, Suicidal Tendencies in 2018 are Dean Pleasants on lead guitar and Jeff Pogan on rhythm guitar. Ra Diaz is on the bass while the drums are looked after by legendary drummer Dave Lombardo. Lombardo is pretty much a household name having been Slayer’s drummer for the best part of 30 years. Among many other projects, he also plays drums for Dead Cross, joining up with Mike Patton (Faith No More) for an album that I really enjoyed.

Suicidal Tendencies are expected to release a new album later in 2018. Get Your Fight on is a little warm up to that one. For an EP, it is long with 10 tracks and 45 minutes of music available. They aren’t ten new tracks though. Instead we have four new songs. We also have 2 rerecordings from Mike Muir’s first solo album, Lost My Brain (Once Again) under the artist name Cyco Miko. There is a cover of The Stooges track “I Got A Right” and 3 different versions of the title track, Get Your Fight On.

Fight On

Aside from Get Your Fight On being a bit of a collectors piece for long term fans of the band, there is a lot of good thrashy anarchy on this EP. The rerecordings’, Ain’t Mess’n Around and Nothing to Lose are both decent tracks. Nothing to Lose probably being a bit more Suicidal Tendencies with a fast pace and plenty of punk attitude seeping out from it. Ain’t Mess’n Around is a bit calmer with an old school rock rhythm to it and a decent solo. Both are good songs though.

Of the new tracks, S.E.D really stands out with it’s blazing thrash guitars and spat lyrics. iAuthority, is a bass led song with a foot tapping rhythm and a cool solo. The lyrics are delivered in an kind of Beastie Boys style. Get United is a bit similar in style with verses made up almost solely of vocals. They have tons of backing and intermittent drum beats and guitar notes. The cover of I Got A Right is really good and the 4 different versions of the title track are also pretty cool. The shred one stands out for me.

There is enough difference in them for them to all have a place with one being electric guitar led, one being acoustic with softer singing  and Travis Barker on drums. The bass led one is chock full of groove and then we have the full version which is jam packed with little guitar lines and solos before turning into an attitude filled punk track half way through. I personally really like the guitar led one, the shred version. It is really cool with some awesome solos and lines.

Overall, as an EP, Get Your Fight On is a pretty cool mix of bonus content with a few new tracks mixed in. It is fun and songs like S.E.D and the full version of Get Your Fight On are great crossover thrash songs in their own right. Definitely one for the collectors but also one for music fans. I think there is enough on here to please most people.

You can grab a copy of Get Your Fight On at all the usual streaming services and over at the band’s own website. You can also grab it, and more from them, at the Amazon links below. Suicidal Tendencies are performing at the UK’s best metal festival later this year. Grab your Bloodstock tickets from here. Keep up to date with news from Suicidal Tendencies at their website, Facebook and Twitter too.

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Get Your Fight On by Suicidal Tendencies (Suicidal Records)
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