Game Review: Earth Impact (Mobile)

Described as a ‘tactical asteroid simulation’, Earth Impact gives you the opportunity to wipe humanity out by firing bigger and bigger asteroid at countries. The more damage you do, the higher your multiplier.

This review is for version 1.2.

Using imagery from NASA Visible Earth, you get an authentic recreation of the planet as you target highly populated areas over 5 challenges. Tap once on the screen to position your marker then double tap the same spot to shot a devastating space rock at humanity.

Earth Impact 2

The more damage you do before you run out of asteroids, the higher your final score.

As interesting & fun as the concept is, Earth Impact is seriously lacking. Five challenges and that’s it. There is no extra content and little reason to keep on playing. That being said it’s only 79p and it’s visually nice on the eyes.

Earth Impact 3

Fun for a short while but once you’ve set a high score on each challenge it will be quickly uninstalled.

Earth Impact
  • The Final Score - 4/10
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