EP Review: Gabe Is A Unit – Gabe Is A Unit (Self Released)

Gabe Is a Unit, a destructive Welsh two-piece beast, are set to release their eponymous debut EP via Bandcamp on April 9th 2021 including a limited run of CDs.

Do you know what’s pretty stressful? The way in which Gabe Is A Unit go from mellow guitar melodies and tip tapping drums to explosive noise in an instant. Back and forth between the two styles throughout the opener, Stressful Evening. Melded perfectly together with classy charm. The more intense moments buzz with feverish excitement and it’s hard not to eagerly await the next eruption.

Having certainly made an impression there, it’s now time for Gabe Is A Unit to show off some of the more eclectic elements to their sound. Pissed God (Wibbly Wobbly) does a stand-up job of capturing the drunken wander down a street where life seems so easy and free. The rising fuzz and distortion on the guitar akin to the rising bile in the throat as the stomach looks to empty somewhere.

Dinas Vawr follows that and really looks to challenge, being another unique sounding effort. The spoken word story, the moody melodies and grungy dark thumps of heaviness. It’s not the easiest to get along with but is still very enjoyable.

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Wrapping up a very cool EP, I’ve Had An Absolutely Marvellous Evening Babes is a slice of brilliance. The playful and chilled out rhythm slowly goes off-kilter with sinister touches here and there. The anticipation of it turning into something a bit more beastly is there but this being Gabe Is a Unit, that is far from guaranteed. Expect the unexpected as anticlimactic weirdness ends the track and EP as a whole. You have to admire a band that is willing to put something so odd as the finale. It’s so admirable, it’s almost obscene.

They’re an odd duo is this band. Leaving you with one question unanswered by the end. Where is that fucking desert wine menu, damn it?!

Gabe Is A Unit – Gabe Is A Unit Full Track Listing:

1. Stressful Evening
2. Pissed God (Wibbly Wobbly)
3. Dinas Vawr
4. I’ve Had An Absolutely Marvellous Evening Babes



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Gabe Is A Unit - Gabe Is A Unit (Self Released)
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