Album Review: Intonate – Severed Within (Willowtip Records)

Doing the storied Montreal death metal scene proud, Canadian bruisers Intonate have signed to Willowtip Records for the release of their sophomore album Severed Within on April 16th 2021.

Dropping five brutish technical death metal tracks from a great height, the resulting smash that accompanies the landing is deafening. Though not unexpected or not something worth marvelling at. Such is Intonate’s wild flurry of noise, dragged kicking and screaming to a ballsy 40-minute length.

Ballsy because many will see and hear the term ‘technical death metal’ and see the length and presume Intonate are likely to be a bit self-serving. Which they are, but what’s wrong with that?! One listen of Severed Within will tell you all you need to know about Intonate though. Mainly that this is a band who don’t waste a single second and are clearly brimming with ideas and even more imagination.

You might think you’ve heard it all in regards to technical death metal but Intonate are here to show you that you’re not as clever as you think.

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Let’s get something clear, Intonate are unashamedly brutal. This is a beastly slab of noise that pulsates with intensity from the very start. No matter the twists, no matter the turns, no matter the tempo flips or varying degrees of fury, it is solely focused on tearing your head off.

Mission well and truly accomplished come the end. Few won’t be marvelling at the impressive guitar proficiency, the filthy bass and drum grooves, and the absolute might of the hellish vocals. Even when all of this combines to spit out something that is eccentric sounding, it’s always focused on devastation. That’s what will have even more lasting appeal as the year goes on and we count down to the ‘best of’ lists. Don’t be surprised to find Intonate’s debut sniffing around the top end of those.

Intonate – Severed Within Full Track Listing:

1. Sever
2. Within
3. Yearn
4. Wandering
5. Prolong


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Intonate - Severed Within (Willowtip Records)
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