Album Review: Superhorror – Italians Die Better (Krach Records)

Horror punk-metal outfit Superhorror is back straight from the afterlife. They are ready to conquer the living world again, unleashing a new stunning studio album. “Italians Die Better” will be released on April 10th 2020 as vinyl and digital via Krach Records, the new label launched by producer Fabio Silver Perissinotto.

Comments Superhorror frontman Edward J. Freak:

Only the dead are able to better express dead’s sound. For the first time in 15 years, on ‘Italians Die Better’ we decided to make the most of acquired skills after the resurrection, in order to make exactly the album we conceived, avoiding living people intrusion. We are very happy about the final result!

With a snarl and their tongue jammed firmly in their undead cheeks, Superhorror burst forth from the grave with a bouncy, energetic album of horror punk.

The blood would flow freely if it wasn’t coagulating in the depths of Superhorror’s rotting sound. A track with a title like Average Horror Band might be self-deprecating but it’s certainly not a title that fits. After all Superhorror are way more than your average horror band.

Tracks like Sultans of Sin, Happy Dead, Die As You Are and Haitian Rhapsody are filled with so much pep that you can feasibly imagine it waking up a graveyard full of corpses. All dragging themselves out of the filth to boogie while Superhorror play from the top of a crypt.

It’s a lot of fun, an album that really buries itself inside the skull… like rot.

Superhorror – Italians Die Better Full Track Listing:

1. Italians Die Better
2. Average Horror Band
3. Sultans Of Sin
4. Happy Dead
5. Goat
6. Die As You Are
7. Six Feet Above Ground
8. L2D
9. Haitian Rhapsody
10. Graveyard Dolce Vita
11. Pensiero Violento (Bonus – feat. Irene Viboras)


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Superhorror - Italians Die Better (Krach Records)
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