Album Review: Brass Owl – State of Mind (Self Released)

The masters of heavy classic rock fused with acid jazz are back with their brand new album, State of Mind. Brass Owl will release the record on April 10th 2020.

Describing just what Brass Owl sound like is no easy task. The band combine 70’s style rock, grungy vocals, a plethora of guitar riffs, licks and solos with groovy, foot-tapping drum beats. At times bouncing with masses of energy (Land Shark) while at others taking a much more discombobulated approach (Deuce Face).

The opening pair of tracks certainly show off the wider and eclectic scale of Brass Owl and in case of the latter, just how thick & meaty their riffs can be.

A future Brass Owl classic arrives next with Hook, Link & Sinker. The bluesy beat is fantastically catchy, the guitar like putty in the hands of this band. Something they take to just as impressive levels with the wacky and danceable No Filter – Stay Trendy and wicked groove of Side Effect.

It’s time for something quite different but not out of the ordinary for Brass Owl as they showcase their jazzy and unkempt acoustic side with The Legend of F.U.J.I.M.O. A mind-melting fusion of noise that really wouldn’t work if it wasn’t in the hands of a band like Brass Owl.

It’s back to bluesy groove and bounce with Jive Turkey before the penultimate Hoka Key chills things out with a short and very soft piece of guitar melody. Which leads directly into the finale of Pale Horse. A strong and echoey finale that has these flashes of hard rock intensity that just slays.

Very special and very interesting.

Brass Owl – State of Mind Full Track Listing:

1. Land Shark
2. Deuce Face
3. Hook, Line & Sinker
4. No Filter – Stay Trendy
5. Side Effect
6. The Legend of F.U.J.I.M.O.
7. Jive Turkey
8. Hoka Key
9. Pale Horse


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Brass Owl - State of Mind (Self Released)
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