EP Review: Enquire Within – Elysium (Self Released)

Enquire Within, the London, UK-based groove metal band return with a hefty statement of who they are and what they can do with the EP, ‘Elysium’, out on May 31st, 2024.

A mighty good time that involves head-banging until the neck hurts is well and truly guaranteed when Enquire Within are around. A band that is getting stronger with each new release, solidifying their groove metal credentials, and nailing what the vibe of heavy music should be.

Following a short intro that sets the mood, Enquire Within arrive with a serious f**king bang on Seeds of Destruction. It’s an aggressive sounding effort with some serious riffing and scathing vocals. The head will be well and truly banging hard already, and then along comes Sins of the Father to really f**k your muscles up. Yet, alongside the frenetic heaviness, this is a track with some effective melody in its chorus. Another absolute banger from Enquire Within.

Although that’s stating the bloody obvious when it comes to this EP. Enquire Within are on fire, and Prison puts the emphatic exclamation point on that statement. Before Final Seal delivers a cacophony of emphatic riffing, pounding drumbeats, and scowling vocals. One of the EP’s catchiest and grooviest efforts.

All good things must come to an end though, and first up it’s the creative blend of heavy and melody that is Point of No Return, a track made all the better by the wild guitar soloing that comes at the end. Then it’s Bloodlines, and the perfect example of this band’s progression. A rich finale that builds up wonderfully to a passionate explosion of heavy head-banger gold that has thrashy infusions.

Even though it is a mightily substantial EP, Enquire Within certainly leave the listener wanting so much more. That’s the sign of a quality release.

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Enquire Within – Elysium Track Listing:

1. Elysium – Intro
2. Seeds of Destruction
3. Sins of the Father
4. Prison
5. Final Seal
6. Point of No Return
7. Bloodlines


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Enquire Within - Elysium (Self Released)
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