Interview: Mirjam (Vocals/Guitar/Organ) and Jeroen (Guitar/Vocals) of The Dirty Denims

Known for their electrifying performances and infectious energy, rock and roller’s The Dirty Denims returned with their brand-new album, ‘Party On!’, on May 24th, 2024.

Creating lovely infectious music that makes you want to move; The Dirty Denims have established themselves as bankable name when it comes to quality rock music and built up a sizable fanbase over the years.

They’re a popular band, for good reason, and that popularity is only going to increase when they continue to release fun, exciting, thoughtful, and memorable music like the kind that exists on Party On!

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We spoke to members Mirjam (vocals/guitar/organ) and Jeroen (guitar/vocals) about the new album, their progression, finding the perfect place for The Dirty Denims to exist, the fun they have making music and playing live, and so much more.

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