Album Review: Four Stroke Baron – Data Diamond (Prosthetic Records)

Reno, NV progressive metal duo Four Stroke Baron will release their brand-new album ‘Data Diamond’ on May 31st, 2024, via Prosthetic Records.

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It is interesting that this album was initially conceived as two separate EPs, one electronic and one heavy, as there is no denying the contrast between styles across the album run. In less talented hands, it would sound disjointed and messy, but Four Stroke Baron are a uniquely progressive entity that always looks to challenge, so the overall vibe of Data Diamond feels very much them.

Be under no false illusions either, Data Diamond is a very challenging listen, Four Stroke Baron skirt the line between genius and madness to such a degree, they become the same thing.

It’s not because it is weird, even though it really is, but rather the pure unpredictability of it. From the very start it puts the mind in a place of discomfort, unsure of what is being heard and what it might evolve into. No matter how many guesses you have, there’s no seeing the evolution of Data Diamond though, and as the album progress, the experience just gets more and more ridiculous.

It’s not one thing or the other, not exclusively electronic music and not exclusively metal. Yet, the fusion is unlike anything anyone else is doing, and it is going to polarise. Hell, I’ve listened to it countless times now and I’m still not sure about it. At times, it really is spectacular, but at others it is downright aggravating.

Yet, I keep coming back because Data Diamond is like an itch that I just can’t seem to get. Each new listen uncovers a new layer, a new aspect, a new vibe that I didn’t experience the previous time. You don’t have to love the music to recognise when something is so very unique.

The more time spent in the company of Data Diamond the more it becomes clear that Four Stroke Baron might be the most likably unhinged band making music right now. Especially when you take the horror that emanates from the track themes. It’s a very ghastly listen, but that’s something that becomes more notable on multiple listens.

Which, most will find they are drawn to do. It’s just too strange to not want to experience time and time again. Even if, like me, you can’t quite find a way to love it.

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Four Stroke Baron – Data Diamond Track Listing:

1. On Mute
2. Monday
3. The Witch
4. Cyborg Pt. 3 (Because I’m God)
6. Open The World
7. People In My Image
8. 1000 Threads
9. Data Diamond


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Four Stroke Baron - Data Diamond (Prosthetic Records)
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