EP Review: Possessor – The Speed Of Death (APF Records)

Hopped up on horror and forged in the fires of hell comes the raging new EP from the 3-headed proto-metal beast that is Possessor. Speed of Death will be released via APF Records on the 28th of January 2022.

New Possessor to start off the year? Yes, fucking please. It’s just a shame that this EP comes at the same time as the band have decided to call time on things. So be it… Possessor have chosen to go out with a bang. A head-banging, dirty and horror fuelled bang as showcased by the brash heaviness of Twisted Nerve Endings.

The blend of up-tempo rock, heavy freaking metal and dirty groove makes it one hell of a banger. Not just on this EP but in the Possessor back-catalogue.

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Medusa Lives is a delectably evil sounding number. Where old-school gothic film music leads to an eruption of gnarly speed. Paura (which translates as fear) is 49 seconds of a pre-horror viewing warning, working as an introduction to the finale of Draw Blood.

A closing track that has all the dirty groove, sludgy rockiness and head-banging inducing chaos that Possessor have built their legend around. Noisy, in your face and utterly lovable, it’s fucking Possessor and we’re going to miss them.

Possessor – Speed of Death Full Track Listing:

1. Twisted Nerve Endings
2. Medusa Lives
3. Paura
4. Draw Blood


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Possessor - The Speed Of Death (APF Records)
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