EP Review: Drakonis – The Great Miasma (Hostile Media)

Having signed a deal with Hostile Media, Northern Irish extreme metal band Drakonis will release a three track EP entitled, The Great Miasma on December 1st 2017.

Drakonis 1

A story driven concept EP. Each song takes the listener through a different chapter that details the ritualistic sacrifice, possession & wrath of a young girl. All to appease an ancient god.

In an interesting move each song will be accompanied by a music video that will be released out of sequence. So the only way to get the full picture will be to play them all in order once they’ve been released.

Drakonis want to create something memorable & they do that with ease. The twisted & gothic sound of the title track is incredible in just how much atmosphere it creates. It takes you to locations where all manner of unholy acts are taking place. Crushingly heavy riffs, brutalising metal steeped in dark tones & blackened vocals that whisper evilly in your ear.

Let Us Pray then delivers a fast-paced metal call to arms with blistering drumming & a more intense vocal performance. While Queen of Swarms wraps up a pretty special EP with a ferocity that comes from a band confident in their abilities. It’s loud, intense & very heavy but not without rhythmic quality.

The EP might only be three tracks long but Drakonis put so much into each song that it is a hugely satisfying listen. If this is what we’ve got to look forward too with the band signed to Hostile Media then things are really looking up.

Drakonis 2

Drakonis – The Great Miasma Full Track Listing:

1. The Great Miasma
2. Let Us Pray
3. Queen Of Swarms

You can order the EP now via Hostile Media & pick up earlier releases on Bandcamp. Find out more about Drakonis on Facebook & Twitter. You can also check out some of their videos over on YouTube.

Drakonis - The Great Miasma (Hostile Media)
  • The Final Score - 9.5/10
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