Horror Movie Review: Summer Lake Massacre (2017)

Summer Lake Massacre has all the hallmarks of a porno. It looks like one, it plays out like one & its cast is made up of porn stars. I really wasn’t paying attention because it turns out it is, sort of.

Summer Lake Massacre is a shortened down version of Massacre at Pine Lake with all the sex removed. Turns out that is quite a bit of the movie as it’s running time comes in at just 47 minutes. That’s a relief though as it’s not a good slasher movie at all.

Summer Lake 2

The premise is simple, a hulking beast of a man escapes police custody & goes on a rampage at a soon to open summer camp. There the employees are trying to get things ready while occasionally stopping to have sex (mostly edited out).

That’s it. That’s all you get story wise. Considering this is an edited version of an XXX parody, a certain level of crap is expected. Can you really complain about the quality when it is supposed to be a porno? Well, yes. I didn’t watch a porno. I watched what I believed was a low-budget slasher horror & the XXX detail came afterwards.

Summer Lake 3

Regardless of its origin, it has been edited, given a different title & released as a slasher flick. That means it’s fair game even if it is an easy target.

Summer Lake Massacre is not a good movie. The acting is cringe-worthy & the plot pretty much non-existent. The editing out of the sex scenes has been done well & you wouldn’t even notice if you didn’t know they were supposed to be there. Don’t get me wrong though, they’re are plenty of topless shots, segues into sex scenes & attempts at titillation left in too.

Summer Lake 4

It’s campy, silly & the killer is quite an imposing sight. The kills are fun enough provided you don’t have high expectations. The run time means it doesn’t over-stay its welcome at all.

Just Google it yourself. It was hard enough getting pictures that didn’t have naked people in it. So if you’re that interested it’s probably best you check out the XXX version, eh?

Summer Lake Massacre
  • The Final Score - 2/10
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