EP Review: Deadwood Lake – Forgotten Hymns (Self Released)

Deadwood Lake are a black metal band from the southwest UK that blend intensity and emotion with melody and atmosphere. In April 2015, Bruce’s brother, Gary, passed away after a fatal car accident. Deadwood Lake formed as a studio band in his memory, creating songs as a tribute to him and as a way to deal with the loss.

Their new EP, Forgotten Hymns will be released on October 16th 2018.



Loss kicks Forgotten Hymns off in heavy, frenzied and coarse style. The havoc caused by the intense vocals offset by surprisingly melodic guitars and captivating rhythm. It’s black metal but not as you know it.

The emotion pours from Unveil the Flesh with sweet and potent guitar melodies and whispered vocals that send a shiver down the spine. The power that comes from the solo right at the end is eye-opening stuff. As is the fast classic metal inspired, A New Chapter (Life and Death) before Walk Into Blackened Flame really shows off the talents Deadwood Lake possess.

A hugely expansive track, the super-melodic start can’t prepare you for the roaring vehemence that follows. A track that is elegant in structure and sound. Thrilling and darkly gothic. After such effort, it’s no surprise that Nocturnal Solace calms things down a little. A shorter and more simplified black metal offering.

Not just going to sit back now though, Deadwood Lake ensure this EP will be remembered as one of the black metal highlights of 2018 ending with the soulful and guitar driven The Bonds of Blood Transcend All Others. It’s the kind of ending that you just lose yourself in, especially when the rhythm changes and it takes on a post-black metal style of melody. It’s an incredible finish to an impressive EP.

Deadwood Lake continue to show the strength of the British metal scene and here is hoping even more people are talking about them as the year comes to a close.

Deadwood Lake 1

Deadwood Lake – Forgotten Hymns Full Track Listing:

1. Loss
2. Unveil the Flesh
3. A New Chapter (Life And Death)
4. Walk Into Blackened Flame
5. Nocturnal Solace
6. The Bonds Of Blood Transcend All Others

You can order the EP now over on Bandcamp (it will be a free download once released). Keep up to date with news/find out more about Deadwood Lake by liking their Facebook Page.


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Deadwood Lake - Forgotten Hymns (Self Released)
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