Album Review: One Tail, One Head – Worlds Open, Worlds Collide (Terratur Possessions)

Out on October 5th 2018 via Terratur Possessions, Worlds Open, Worlds Collide is the first and final album from Nidaros, Norway based band, One Tail, One Head.

The band are fourfold force devoted to the fierce and the fiery. Climbing endless ladders towards the eternal above or diving down into the bottomless below forevermore: the paradox is perfect.

The band had this to say: “As said, time draws near. Finally. The music within this album holds so much of what has come to define us as a band, until now chiefly showcased in its live incarnation, ranging from the rabid, unruly primitivism of our early days to the ominous, slightly surreal atmospheres we began to explore later on. There is material here as old as ten years and even more, as well as what would be considered brand new (by us, anyway, Trondheim time applies).”

Worlds Collide 2

Slamming heaviness built around increasing desperation and dark fuelled metal, Worlds Open, Worlds Collide is harsh and brutalising. Blackened death metal at its rawest.

Just listen to the title track and the howling that accompanies the frantic pace of the instruments throughout. An absolute horror show of heaviness.

Don’t let that colour your opinion though as there is plenty of depth in the tale that One Tail, One Head weave. Stellar Storms disconnected rhythm is appealing in just how bleak it is, Firebird ramps up things up to even heavier heights and Rise in Red rages with unbridled power and speed.

On these songs alone, One Tail, One Head show why this one and only album will at least go down very well with those who have been with them all the way. Newbies might struggle to get along with the unrelenting brutality of it though.

Worlds Collide 1

One Tail, One Head – Worlds Open, Worlds Collide Full Track Listing:

1. Certainly Not
2. Arrival, Yet Again
3. Worlds Open, Worlds Collide
4. Stellar Storms
5. An Utter Lack Of Meaning, Hither To Unbeknownst, Suddenly Revealed
6. Firebirds
7. Sordid Sanctitude
8. Rise in Red
9. Passage
10. Summon Surreal Surrender

You can order physical copies of the album here and the digital album via Bandcamp. Find out more/keep up to date with news by liking the band’s Facebook Page and listen to Rise in Red below via Soundcloud.

One Tail, One Head - Worlds Open, Worlds Collide (Terratur Possessions)
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