EP Review: Crown Magnetar – Alone in Death (Unique Leader)

Colorado’s Crown Magnetar are an extreme powerhouse rising ferociously from the underground, demanding your attention, with the release of their new EP ‘Alone in Death’. Out via Unique Leader on March 25th, 2022.

Crown Magnetar say:

While as a band we’ve always been about incredibly fast, incredibly jarring deathcore with a lot of death metal influence, Alone in Death was written with speed and captivation in mind the whole time, on top of our go-to writing styles. At the same time, we’ve added an emphasis on emotional depth, making sure the riffs and beats were as memorable as they were extreme. Everyone goes through varying degrees of hardship, pain and isolation. Alone in Death reflects that both lyrically and emotionally.

A fucking beast of an album. Crown Magnetar deliver a feverish style of deathcore with technical proficiency and old-school savagery. Alone in Death is 6 tracks long and it’s enough to make your eardrums pop and bleed.

Kicking off with the title track, Crown Magnetar immediately make you grimace as they bring the noise. A crunchy and crashing blast of death and destruction. The razor-sharp riffs, the bludgeoning of the drums and the vocals that alternate between deep guttural roars and high-pitched screeches, is deliciously extreme.

It’s just the start though.

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Hellsphere, Realistic Flesh Mask and The Pain of Existence see Crown Magnetar continue to unleash a torrent of deathcore abuse. Each oozing dark vibes, showcasing technical aptitude and dishing out unrelenting aural punishment.

It’s one hell of a battering but perhaps the most intense and most eye-watering track is the penultimate effort, Graverot because it’s so much shorter than everything else. Though intensity is all Crown Magnetar know so even the tempo shift in the finale of God Is My Enemy doesn’t stop this one being another blistering and brash blast of brutality.

Crown Magnetar – Alone in Death Full Track Listing:

1. Alone in Death
2. Hellsphere
3. Realistic Flesh Mask
4. The Pain of Existence
5. Graverot
6. God Is My Enemy



Crown Magnetar - Alone in Death (Unique Leader)
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