EP Review: CaveKiller – Peace in Clarity (Self Released)

5 piece hardcore/metal band CaveKiller hail from Derbyshire, UK and are about to drop their debut EP entitled ‘Peace in Clarity’ on October 7th 2019.

Gritty and grimy, CaveKiller’s take us back to a less refined and less clean version of hardcore with Peace in Clarity. An EP with all the crust scrapped off to reveal five tracks of filthy hardcore noise. Each track an uncontrollable assault that is sharp and cutting to the ears but also demands you bang your head as hard as possible.

A killer debut, CaveKiller are a showcase of the strength of the British underground scene while also showing plenty of potential to take themselves out of the grotty clubs. Even if this style of hardcore sounds best suited for those kind of grimy sweat boxes.

CaveKiller – Peace in Clarity Full Track Listing:

1. Cruel Time
2. Unseen Prison
3. Icarus
4. Reborn
5. Holdfast


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CaveKiller - Peace in Clarity (Self Released)
  • The Final Score - 8/10
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