EP Review: Catapult the Rhino – T(h)en (Self Released)

They might hail from France, but their inspirations come from under the California sun, somewhere between the freshness of the coast and the heat of the desert. Catapult the Rhino are an alternative stoner rock band whose new EP ‘T(h)en’ will be released on June 15th, 2021.

Catapult the Rhino are a groovy bunch and this five-track EP has a ton of body-shaking, head-nodding and foot-tapping energy about it. A catchy blend of stoner, desert rock, psych sensibilities and good-time rock ‘n roll. It’s music that conjures up images of driving across the desert, windows rolled down, the breeze on the face and the sun warming the soul. This is the music you want blasting out of your speakers.

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This bands have it going on when it comes to rhythmic rock, throwing in bouts of punchy heaviness to get the neck muscles vibrating too. It’s impossible to turn off, one run through is nowhere enough but this is not a record where you need to be told to listen to a few times to get. You’ll be doing that regardless as Catapult the Rhino are a bright spark in the stoner/desert scene. We need some fresh blood, so look no further than these French rockers.

Catapult the Rhino – T(h)en Full Track Listing:

1. Rhino
2. Icarus
3. Perfectly High
4. Natural Enemies
5. Made in Nowhere


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Catapult the Rhino – T(h)en (Self Released)
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