EP Review: Cancelled – Tenebrific (Self-Released)

Cancelled is the experimental recording project of Marc Bourgon (Greber). A blend of electronica, synth & metal. The EP is out on March 3rd 2017. Bourgon had this to say about the record:

“For the past 10 years of my life I have been constantly writing music. Whether it be jotting down ideas on a notepad, droning out in our practice space or fleshing out ideas on a laptop it’s something that I have a hard time not doing on a daily basis.”

“I had intended to have this release be a lot longer but these three songs just seemed to gel better that the rest of the material.”

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The strange sounding effect at the start of Restitution doesn’t really work with the the bass-heavy groove that follows. A slow, brooding number it tries to get under your skin but ends up barely scratching the surface. It’s all a bit boring & the only real positive moment comes with a thumping drum beat that builds & drops near the end.

Head Over Handlebars is a vast improvement though, beginning with a glorious sounding combination of softly sung vocals & a light as air melody. It puts you at peace, it’s haunting but beautiful & when it kicks in to a heavier sound it retains that melody in the background.

It’s a simply stunning piece of music, slow & methodical but far more interesting. Of the three tracks available here this is one that you’ll remember. The effects heighten as the song goes on & its effect on the senses makes it jaw-droppingly good.

There’s no topping that. Social Impressment has the near impossible task of signing off this EP in style & does an admirable job of it. A grimy sound plays throughout, only changing when the pace is quickened. A different mix of tempos keep things fresh & it will leave you feeling very satisfied.

An interesting EP, some really exciting stuff hidden through it’s short run. Cancelled have bags of potential even it doesn’t start off at its best.

Tenebrific Full Track Listing:

1. Restitution
2. Head Over Handlebars
3. Social Impressment

You can pick up Tenebrific over on Bandcamp as well as earlier records. You can find out more about Cancelled over on Facebook.


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Cancelled - Tenebrific (Self-Released)
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