EP Review – Bring That Shit Back by Powerflo (New Damage)

American metal band, Powerflo, are releasing a new EP on the 1st of June called Bring That Shit Back. Having took the world by storm with their excellent debut, the self titled Powerflo last year, they are back with new music in the form of an 8 track EP.

I really enjoyed that debut album. I still listen to Powerflo a lot today despite it being almost a year since it’s release. You can read our thoughts on it here. I’m excited to hear new music from, what is essentially a super group. Powerflo are lead vocalist and ex Cypress Hill rapper Senen Reyes (aka Sen Dog) with Biohazard’s founder, Billy Graziadei, on guitars. Ex Fear Factory bassist, Christian Olde Wolbers looks after bass and backing vocals and Downset’s Rogelio “Roy” Lozano on rhythm guitars. Drums are in the capable hands of Fernando Schaefer.

Bring That Shit Back

As excited as I am for new Powerflo, I must admit that quickly cools when I see the mammoth 8 track EP has 6 remixes on it. It is actually made up of 2 new tracks, 3 mixes of Where I Stay and 3 mixes of The Grind. Not 8 new tracks like I originally hoped for. Remixes are a bit hit and miss, usually miss, for me. I like the songs and more often than not the remix will be some wacky DJ or whatever spinning mad decks and electronica all over the damn song that I like. More torture then bonus track. Very occasionally they can be okay, offering a new take on an old song. We do have two new tracks though starting with Get Up Stand Up.

Within a few seconds I realise this isn’t actually a new track. It is actually a cover of the track made famous by Bob Marley & the Wailers. It works really well, given the Powerflo treatment of thumping drums, quick spat vocals and heavy guitars. To be fair it is the perfect Powerflo song really, carrying a similar message to the one delivered on their debut release. They add a wicked solo and a nice crunching breakdown section near the end too. The second track, Bring that Shit Back, is a 90 second punky blast with lyrics that are pretty much “We’re mother fucking Powerflo” over rip-roaring drums and a supercharged riff.

Outside of these you get the remixes. The three from Where I Stay and the three from The Grind. They all have huge electronic elements as they really ramp the hip hop elements. Not really my thing though I would be lying if I didn’t say that a couple of them are quite catchy. In particular, the Hallucinator remix of Where I Stay and the Viral remix of The Grind.

One for the fans, I guess and I do count myself as one. Bring that Shit Back is more of a bonus cd then a new release but it is wroth picking up to check out the remixes, just don’t expect to like a lot of them. The Bob Marley cover is really cool and the 90 second title track is chaotic and should make for the perfect intro to a Powerflo show. Worth checking out if you like what Powerflo do. If you don’t, this isn’t the release to convert you.

Bring that Shit Back will be available on the 1st of June so be sure to check it out and throw some support at these guys. There is no word on preorders or anything like that and with the release date only a couple weeks away, it looks like perhaps being a digital only release. Still, you can always grab the debut Powerflo from the band here, or from the links below. Check out Powerflo at their website, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep tabs on news and release info.

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Bring That Shit Back by Powerflo (New Damage)
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