Album Review: South Of Salem – The Sinner Takes It All (Self Released)

Having spent the best part of a decade working on various musical projects supporting the likes of Iced Earth, The Damned, Wednesday 13, and The Birthday Massacre; Bournemouth UK Hard Rock band South of Salem will finally release their debut album, ‘The Sinner Takes It All’.

With the band finally ready to launch in 2020; their first show in their hometown sold out and then… Covid 19 and the global lockdown hit the world. While so much of the world was buried in isolation, instead of falling apart this only increased the bands resolve to succeed.

South of Salem’s debut album ‘The Sinner Takes It All’ is released 25th September 2020.

Off like a rocket shooting straight out of hell, South of Salem bring the heat with the ballsy opener that is Let Us Prey. Such energy gets the blood pumping and it already stands up as being a kick-ass anthem.

The slower and sleazier tempo of The Hate in Me, a hyper-active and punchy No Plague Like Home, the good time groove of Pretty Little Nightmare and catchy sing-along that is Made to Be Mine make up a classy first half. Adding much credibility and weight to the claim that South of Salem are here to make a big impact on the hard rock scene.

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The second half of the album continues in much the same vein. South of Salem spitting out banger after banger that has variety too. Look no further than the melodramatic Demons Are Forever which has the added feature of Red Method’s Alex Avdis! Although Dead Hearts Don’t Break has the distinct pleasure of being a personal favourite through sheer catchiness.

South of Salem – The Sinner Takes it All Full Track Listing:

1. Let Us Prey
2. The Hate In Me
3. No Plague Like Home
4. Pretty Little Nightmare
5. Made To Be Mine
6. Cold Day In Hell
7. Demons Are Forever (ft. Alex Avdis of Red Method)
8. Another Nail In My Coffin
9. Severely Yours
10. Dead Hearts Don’t Break


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South Of Salem - The Sinner Takes It All (Self Released)
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